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Back by popular demand

The Modeltrainshop has managed to get a few more of the very popular range of Polish locomoties from Schlesien Modelle.

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Guess Who!

Well-known in the South African Model Train fraternity, Rinke Blok has devoted many years to the hobby of model railways and has gained an enviable reputation of being an authority on the subject.

The shop contains a small beautifully crafted layout and a work in progress belonging to the Cape Gauge Club while the rest of the shop is devoted to the hobby of model trains. There are display cabinets with the most gorgeous locomotives and rolling stock as well as scenery and accessories to choose from.

Rinke and his team is on hand daily at The Model Train Shop to assist and advise you.  Why not pop in for a “Model Railroad Natter” with the Model Railroad Specialists and a cup of coffee, you will undoubtedly have an enjoyable visit and may well go home with some “new toys”.

News and Events


As a large an active part of the Model Train community in Johannesburg, the Modeltrainshop frequently participates in a variety of events with a number of train and hobby related organizations. Listed below are the organizations the Modeltrainshop frequently interacts with:

Reefsteamers –  A professional Steam Train Operator based in Germiston, Gauteng

Cape Gauge Club – As the name implies, a true to scale h0 – Cape Gauge model train club.

N Gauge Guild of South Africa – for those who are amused by small things, another model railway club based in Gauteng.

What goes on in your little world IS our business!